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Advertising is one of the basic building blocks of commerce. No matter how much the shape of the trade changes, there will always be a suitable advertising method. So much so that with the rapid development in the digital world, new types of advertising have been developed for e-commerce. A pioneer in many areas, Google offers effective solutions in internet advertising with Google Ads. So what is Google Ads?

What is google ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service that allows you to advertise almost anywhere available through Google. Although many search engines offer this service, the fact that Google is by far the most used search engine in Turkey makes this service more important for e-commerce sites.

Users search Google for products to buy, places to go, and what to do about certain topics. Ads delivered through Google Ads; It helps the advertiser site show its products and services in relevant searches or locations.

Google Ads, which is attractive to e-commerce sites with its easy measurability of ad performance, also tells you what kind of effects your ads have created.

Bringing together different advertising models, Google Ads is a service that contributes to the growth of e-commerce businesses. With this service, the person or institution that wants to advertise can simply create an ad by entering details such as title, ad text, image, link (URL). However, this business also has its subtleties, and some details need to be paid attention to in order to ensure that the advertisement is not an expense item, but a revenue stream.

In the use of Google Ads, demographic adjustments such as the country and city where the ad will be displayed, day and time, age and gender can also be made. Choosing the most ideal advertising model in line with the needs and target audience and meticulously adjusting all the details are the basic principles of achieving minimum cost and maximum profit results with Google Ads. Google Ads ads appear on the search engine's results page, maps, Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, and sections of websites dedicated to advertising.

What are Google Ad Models?

Google Ads is much more than just advertising with a standard text or image. With the advertising models it offers, it allows users from all sectors to reach a general or specific target audience with the right image, sound and text.

Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads is the service that delivers the products and services on your e-commerce site to potential customers through the shopping tab of the search engine. You need a Google Merchant Center account for this mockup. If you enter the images, prices, features and discount rates of the products on your e-commerce site into Merchant Center, your products will also be shown in a related search.

Search Ads

Search network ads are the system that shows your e-commerce site in the first place in searches made within the specified keywords. These text-based ads are one of the most frequently used models of all websites.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a system that increases brand awareness and reminds past users of a product or service. With this advertising model, you can reach users who have previously interacted with your e-commerce site. Your ads appear in front of your past users on Google or partner websites.

Display Network

As the name suggests, the display network model, which includes image-based advertising campaigns, is an effective method to find the right target audience. Display ads are shown to users on websites, YouTube, Gmail, and mobile apps.

Youtube Ads

YouTube, the rising trend of recent years, is one of the most convenient channels for advertising. YouTube ads appear at the beginning of the video, in the stream, or in the ad space on the side of the video. While there are skippable and non-skippable types, the majority of them are ads in video format.

How to Advertise in Google Ads Search Network?

The Google Ads search model allows you to show your ads on the search results network with a very high traffic volume. Search ads are a highly relevant method that can increase sales, attract potential customers, and drive traffic to your e-commerce site. It is possible to advertise on the search network in a few steps.

Creating a Google Account

You need a Google Ads account to be able to advertise on the search network, and a Google account for a Google Ads account. To create a Google account, go to the “Login” page, click “Create account” and proceed by filling in the required fields.

After creating a Google account, go to the Google Ads homepage and click “Sign In” in the upper right corner. You can start using Google Ads by logging in with the Google account you created.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection

Search ads work with keyword matches. If the keyword you determined while creating the campaign is searched on Google, your ad will be shown among the results. Keyword matches work in three different ways, and the choice is yours.

Your ad will be shown on searches that have the same meaning as the keyword you specified in exact match. In phrase match, the searches where your ad will show are searches that have the same meaning as your keyword. If you do not specify a match type, broad match will automatically be activated and your ad may appear in all searches related to your keyword.

Campaign Settings

In this step, you can develop your campaign by determining your target audience, budget and ad extensions. When setting a target, it is more beneficial to turn to audiences who can buy the product, want to learn about your e-commerce site, and visit your site. You can also adjust location settings and make your target more specific. If you check the Display network box, your ads will appear on other websites along with search results.

With targeting, you can determine the audience that can see your ads, but how many people the ad will be shown to is related to your budget. Google prompts you to enter a daily budget. The budget you will set shows your average daily ad spend over a one-month period. You can also decide how your budget will be spent. You can choose “Conversions” for sales, “Clicks” for website traffic, “Impression Share” for more frequent ad impressions.

Preparing Ad Text

The text you will use in your ad should be relevant, clear and concise, encouraging and interesting. In the text, you should include details such as "free shipping", "product variety" that make your e-commerce site different. You should mention your offers such as discounts, campaigns, gifts. You should not forget to include your keywords along with calls to action such as “Buy”, “Call now”.

Ad Extensions Settings

Ad extensions allow you to communicate with your current or potential customers through advertising. Thanks to the extensions you add to your search ad, users who see your ad can contact you. Here are the extensions you can choose based on your target audience and needs:

  • Sitelink
  • Description text
  • Telephone
  • Structured snippet
  • Application
  • Message
  • promotion
  • Lead form
  • Price
  • Place

What should you consider before advertising?

Advertising through Google Ads has become extremely easy. However, there are some details that you should pay attention to. You can increase your sales not only by advertising, but by advertising "correctly". For this, it may be useful to make a preliminary study based on solid foundations.

Set Your Advertising Target

Before you advertise, you should know why you are advertising. At this point, you should choose a target according to the main result you want to achieve from the ad you will give. The target you will choose may be product sales or website traffic.

Examine Your Competitors' Status

E-commerce is a highly competitive environment, and being aware of your competitors' situation helps you pursue more effective advertising strategies. While examining the status of your competitors, you can take a look at the auction information statistics that you can access with your Google Ads account. Or, you can search for the keywords you want to advertise on Google and see which companies you will compete with and their advertising content.

Optimize Your Ad Budget

Google Ads offers a place where you can optimize your advertising budget. In this step, you can perform an optimization taking into account your advertising goals. You can use your budget to set ads to focus on impressions, sales, or traffic.

What is Google Ads Audience Targeting?

Google Ads audience targeting is an application that ensures that your ads are shown to the right groups of people. With audience targeting, you can determine the users your ads will reach based on their interests, searches, habits, demographics and interactions with your e-commerce site.

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