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How to Speed Windows Slowed With Updates

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How to Speed Windows Slowed With Updates

Windows is one of the most preferred operating systems developed by Microsoft. As long as the Windows operating system used continues to be supported by Microsoft, it receives various updates. Although these updates sometimes make computers more efficient in terms of use, they sometimes cause them to slow down considerably. That's why many users are looking for information on how to speed up Windows.

Windows updates sent from a single source may not be suitable for all makes and models. For this reason, various Windows acceleration methods have been developed. Windows 10 is one of the most featured and successful operating systems among Windows operating systems. This success also includes the ability to provide security without the need for any antivirus program. And in order to maintain this security strength, it can receive various updates. Received updates may not always have an effect on increasing performance on computers. Although the effect of these updates varies according to the brand and model, there are other reasons that slow down the system. These may include corrupted system files, background applications, and faulty updates.

How do i speed up windowsWindows updates slowed down my computer, what should I do?

When there are situations such as slowdown with the last Windows update, it can be removed and the problems can be solved. Uninstalling the last update can also take place in various steps. First of all, go to the Update and Security page from the Windows settings page. Afterwards, the update history is displayed and the Uninstall updates tab is clicked. And the updates that cause the slowdown are removed and the computer is restarted.

If corrupt and damaged system files are detected after the updates, causing slowdowns, there are also processes for the repair of these files. First of all, it should be run as administrator by searching for Command Prompt tool in the Windows search bar. After typing 'DISM -Online -Cleanup-Image - CheckHealth' or 'Dism -Online -Cleanup-Image -ScanHealth', the computer should be restarted.

How do I speed up Windows?

Another reason why Windows slows down is background applications installed on computers. You can remove these applications or decide which ones will work. For this, background applications can be opened from the settings page of Windows, the privacy section. Which applications are desired to be closed from the opened page, action can be provided for this.

Another way to understand why Windows is slowing down or how to speed it up is to perform a clean boot. While this process shows which application is causing the slowdown, it can also cause all applications to be disabled. To find out which application is causing this, type 'msconfig' in the Windows search bar and open the System Configuration page and expand the Services section. After the Services are expanded, the Hide All Microsoft Services option is selected and the Disable All button is pressed. After these steps are done, the Startup tab is expanded to open the Task Manager. All open applications are closed and the computer is restarted.

The last method that has slowed down due to updates is to use the Windows System Restore tool. This method is preferred last. This is because all changes that occurred between today and the date the system was restored are deleted from the computer. This process can be achieved after typing and searching system restore in the search bar. The purpose of performing a system restore is to remove the slowdown by returning Windows to the format it was in before the update.

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